Powerful, silent and reliable pneumatic external vibrators that can also be used under the hardest conditions.

Pneumatic external vibrators are small in size, yet extremely powerful and very effective. Furthermore, they are safe and easy in use and perform trouble-free and with minimum maintenance for many years. Pneumatic external vibrators are very useful for large projects such as construction of tunnels, bridges, viaducts and dams. These super silent vibrators are excellent for use in concrete factories with strict regulations for preventing noise nuisance. The following models are available:
 LVSK: for rapid coupling fixing, without handgrip
 LVSH: for rapid coupling fixing, with handgrip
LVS : for bolt fixing

    • Centrifugal force and vibrating frequency can easily be adjusted.
    • No bearings but eccentric rotating rotors made of hardened, special steel.
    • Use of compressed air guarantees safe and trouble-free operation.
    • They are insensible to temperatures and overload.
    • Each vibrator is supplied with an oil-resistant 0.5 m. twin rubber tube for air supply and discharge and 3/4″ connection to the compressed air supply. This unit has to be equipped with an atomized oil lubricator, a dehumidifier and a pressure regulator.
    • Safe and simple fixing with rapid coupling or bolts.