LIEVERS HOLLAND has a wide range of converters for controlling high-frequency poker vibrators. These converters reduce the incoming voltage (400V/ 3-phases or 230 V/ 1 phase) to a safe voltage of maximum 50V/ 3-phases and enhance the frequency of the main power supply to the 200 Hz required by the high-frequency poker vibrator. All converters are very suitable for continuous operation. The latest technology, well thought-out engineering and components of the highest quality ensure maximum reliability, safety and output. Small and large converters are available, with up to 4 connectors to allow the operation of several high-frequency poker vibrators simultaneously and efficiently. For even easier use and manoeuvrability, the converters are supplied in a wheeled housing with or without cable reels and slip rings.

  • Modern converters in a large variety of versions
  • Continuous magnet and electronic
  • Petrol or diesel-driven versions for locations without electricity
  • Maximum reliability, safety and output