Lightweight converter provided wit the newest technology for reliability, user friendliness and safety.

HFO-E is a converter not only producing strong power output, but also safe and friendly in use. The compact and sturdy design of these converters guarantee maximum reliability and durability. The HFO-E converters can be used continuously and are equipped with CEE sockets and motor safety-switch. The standard execution is with carrying frame.

    • Strong power output.
    • Lightweight compared to traditional frequency converters.
    • Optimal safety for users thanks to galvanic isolations.
    • Low noise in use.
    • 1 – 4 sockets for high frequency poker vibrators.
    • Can also be used under rough conditions.
    • Protection for overloading; automatic turn off and restart.
    • Equipped with phase protection.
    • Automatic power control.
    • No turning parts, hence no wearing out.