Maximum productivity and reliability under all conditions: the two most important qualities that characterise Lievers’ poker vibrators. These reliable poker vibrators have maximum power output and always ensure perfect compaction, so that any desired quality and strength can be realised quickly and efficiently for almost all concrete compositions. The poker vibrator range is particularly broad and versatile and offers possibilities for application for almost all building structures, such as floors, foundations, beams, walls, piles, bridges, roads, tunnels and viaducts. Depending on the project requirements and conditions, various types of poker vibrators in various versions can be supplied.

If a poker vibrator ever needs to be repaired unexpectedly, you can rely on prompt and professional service. All parts are readily available in stock and the poker vibrators have been designed in such a way that they can be repaired quickly and easily.

  • Optimal performances under all conditions
  • Versatile applicability
  • Maximum strength and perfect compaction
  • Choice of technology: various types in a range of versions