The E-LAP 450N is a powerful, yet very easy and safe to operate, light weight (only 12kg all together, including disc) electrical power trowel. This one-man operatable, hand-held power trowel has been developed in corporation with the prefab industry, and is in particular designed for the trouble free finishing (and smoothening) of concrete surfaces and elements.

      • Driven by a strong, and reliable, double insulated electrical motor, with a specially created gear box, ensuring the highest performance (in terms of speed and force under load).
      • Equipped with an electronic speed regulator which enables the operator to regulate the speed from 160 RPM to 300RPM, independent of the work load, depending on what is needed to realise the best finish. Extension handle of 1.8M is adjustable and allows for different working heights.
      • Operator’s handle / grip is mounted on the side for more control and better manoeuvrability during operation and with a low voltage “dead man switch” for more safety.
      • Equipped with an extra handle on top of the machine that assist the operator to easy and quickly lift the machine and displace it.
      • An integrated RCD device (Residual Current Device) for maximum operator protection.
      • Discs (made of a special purpose material) are wear-resistant and more lightweight than the conventional discs of steel.  And then they are considerably more rigid, which will give a flatter and stronger finish.
      • Also available in an execution with a (light weight) extendable handle, so that larger surfaces can be finished quickly as well.