Ride on power trowels are durable machines specially designed for medium-sized and large (floor) projects.

Ideal trowels for professional contractors who need hard-working, long-lasting and user-friendly machines.  These trowels enable you to produce high quality floors with consistent superior levels of flatness.  The models are provided with a ”TwinPitch” control which enables the operator to control the pitch of the rotors separately or simultaneously with minimal effort.

HTN:  Automative style CV-joints ensure the consistent transfer of power to each gearbox. A spare belt carrier, conveniently located on the shaft, provides back-up V-belts in case one should break on the job.

JWN / HHN: The JWN and HHN types are equipped with special heavy gearboxes and continuously variable transmission (CVT) instead of V-belts. This CVT system provides superior performance by adjusting the drive ratio to obtain optimum torque and speed levels during pan floating and high-speed finishing. These 2 types are designed for the high demands of professional flooring contractors.

    • All machines are non-overlapping.
    • Machines are equipped with halogen lights.
    • They are provided with weather resistant polyethylene fuel tank and battery box.
    • Provided with lifting points.
    • Equipped with retardant spray system.
    • Adjustable seat with automatic shut down (CE-regulations).
    • Standard equipped with finishing blades.
    • For each type special transporters are available.