To obtain the highest slab quality professional flooring companies turn to the Lievers LTM-E range of power trowels. Utilizing high performance electric engines that provide enough power for any demanding job. Combined with high efficiency gearbox and reinforced spider and wear resistant blades. The handle has been reinforced for even better control of the machine and is adjustable in height and folds away for easy transport.

New Features Lievers LTM-E range 2020

  • Better control of the trowel machine because of a more rigid frame and steering handle.
  • Door openings are no longer a problem with the customisable handle width. Ideal for residential building jobs with lots of rooms.
  • Foldable and height adjustable steering handle increases ease of transport, reduces storage space and improves operator comfort.
  • Faster pitching of blades by upgrading the pitch control system. Less turning and more angle increase per turn.
  • Service and Maintenance is easier with grease nipples on all machines
  • Now also available as LTM750

      • Slim handle design for easy indoor trowelling and height adjustable to preference.
      • Customisable Steer width to match customer preference.
      • Easy accessible fast pitch control (less knob rotations per angle increase).
      • Grease-able trowel arms.
      • Foldable handle for easy transport and storage.
      • Cooler operating gearbox improves lifetime.
      • Rotating guard rings (600 & 750) to safely trowel up against walls and utilities.