No wires. No limits.

Unique battery powered trowel machines designed specifically for building and flooring companies that place a high priority on quality and ease of use.

The 72V Honda eGX battery-powered motor, developed especially for this application in collaboration with LIEVERS HOLLAND, allows you to create a high-quality finish to any type of concrete floor,  with zero emissions and without any cords.

The high-quality and powerful HONDA battery motor is equipped with a 720Wh battery pack (Lithium-ion). These batteries are quick and easy to change, allowing for long and carefree continuous working.

The HONDA motor comes with a 3-year warranty! The batteries come with a standard 2-year warranty. When you register the machine, the rest of the machine is also covered by a 2-year warranty.

The unique control panel ensures optimum ease of operation. Thanks to the foldable steering handle and special lifting bracket, the LTM-eGX is extremely easy to transport and store. The steering handle is height adjustable and has a narrow profile, making the machine ideal for working indoors and in confined spaces.

  • This machine developed by Lievers Holland is unique in its class.
  • The machines are light, compact, well balanced and therefore very maneuverable and ergonomic to use.
  • “Powered by HONDA “. Equipped with HONDA’s proven and reliable engine and battery technology.
  • The HONDA batteries are easy and quick to change.
  • The unique control panel ensures optimum ease of operation.
  • Foldable handlebar and the special lifting bracket for optimal transport.
  • Low noise level for pleasant working.