No wires. No limits.

Discover the latest innovation in cordless technology: the new battery-powered HAL200Li wet screed that builds on the power and technology used in the P18Li and K150Li.

The design of the HAL200Li is based on the principles of safety, efficiency and ease of use. The specially designed symmetrical profile makes it possible to work both forwards and backwards. This makes the HAL200Li one of the most versatile concrete finishing machines on te market.

The motor and controls were specially optimised for the HAL200Li. The adjustable motor speed has been optimised for the best floor finishing in all situations.

The HAL200Li uses the same batteries as the popular, powerful P18Li battery-powered poker vibrator and the K150Li Battery powered wetscreed, which makes them interchangeable. One battery offers up to more than 30 minutes of working time

Like the P18Li and the K150Li the HAL200Li is equipped with a brushless electric motor. This means the electric motor does not use any carbon brushes, which extends the machine’s service life and reduces its maintenance costs.

The HAL200Li is ideally suited to finishing concrete floors. The symmetrical 2-meter beam ensures a perfect leveled surface. The HAL200Li is suitable for any contractor that places a priority on safety, quality and ease of use. It is also the perfect wet screed for all building and construction companies, wanting to work cordless and with zero emissions.

The HAL200Li is like the P18Li and the K150Li available with a Sortimo case. The case is customised to hold the charger, 3 batteries and accessories. This makes the stackable Sortimo case extremely versatile.

  • Electronic speed regulator
  • Standard with 2 batteries
  • Optionally available with 3 batteries
  • Batteries interchangeable with P18Li and K150Li