An excellent manoeuvrable, super lightweight wet screed for levelling and vibrating concrete floors.

A handy and light wet screed for all types of concrete, which works well without guiding rails. The standard working width of K-150 is 1,5 meter. Different K-150 types are available, depending on the type of drive unit used.

      • 9,500 up to 12,000 vibrations per minute ensure rapid and easy levelling and vibrating of floors.
      • The in height adjustable steering handle is directly connected to the blade.
      • The specially designed shape of the blade, together with the low weight (only 9 kg for a working width of 1.5 meter), prevents ridges on the concrete surface.
      • The electrical versions can be equipped with an electronic speed regulator, which enables the operator to set the required vibrations with regard to the concrete consistency (Type K-150 ER).