Builders in The Netherlands enjoy wide international respect. Various types of construction and infrastructural works especially in the field of water and energy management are well-known far beyond the Dutch border. In the field of building materials, particularly (re-enforced) concrete, Dutch specialists have a prominent role. In the global construction industry ‘Dutch engineering’ is, not surprisingly, well-known. The Netherlands, pre-eminently the “builders’ country”, is LIEVERS HOLLAND’s home base.

Specialist, for more than 60 years

For more than 60 years LIEVERS HOLLAND has been the leading international specialist in the area of supplying machines and equipment for working, processing and finishing of freshly poured concrete. Since 1954 they have established their reputation by developing a completely new range of concrete poker vibrators. To be able to remain leading, LIEVERS HOLLAND solely focussed on this field. All members of staff at LIEVERS HOLLAND are up-to-date with the customer’s needs for processing fresh concrete on-site and in industrial settings. Customers can therefore always be assured of useful and expert advice.

Quality and reliability

Specialists at the LIEVERS HOLLAND manufacturing plant in Mijdrecht (NL) produce a comprehensive range of high-quality machinery. These high-quality products are noted for their high reliability, excellent operational safety, ease of operation and outstanding performance. Furthermore, they are characterised by their exceptionally long working life and ease of maintenance. LIEVERS HOLLAND is  ISO:9001 certified and all machines comply with the stringent CEE regulations.

Involvement and service
According to LIEVERS HOLLAND, providing high-quality is inextricably linked to providing good customer service. LIEVERS HOLLAND, still a private company, has a horizontal organisation and because of their short lines of communication, they are able to respond quickly and accurately to all client inquiries and needs. Service from LIEVERS HOLLAND includes, for instance: advice, support through product documentation, providing in-house and on-site product training, fast deliveries from stock, separate availability of many machine parts and a repair department where machinery can be repaired professionally using original parts.

Innovative and modern
LIEVERS HOLLAND keeps its eyes firmly focussed on the future. Innovation and the application of modern technology are driving forces as concrete processing is constantly subject to change. Pressure of time, strict safety and processing requirements combined with high quality standards and increased competition, present more and more complex challenges to construction companies. They can rely on LIEVERS HOLLAND supplying them with solutions in order to deal with these challenges quickly and efficiently.

Worldwide network and partnership
Users around the world can rely on the fast delivery and professional service LIEVERS HOLLAND offers together with its partners. LIEVERS HOLLAND is market leader in The Netherlands and is  internationally represented in more than 30 countries. The personal involvement and distinctive quality of LIEVERS HOLLAND and its products are widely recognized. Professionals in concrete processing know it:

LIEVERS HOLLAND offers exactly the expertise, machines and service that professionals require for delivering high-quality concrete efficiently and safely!