Specially suitable for connection to formworks and vibrating tables, to compact concrete with a frequency of  6000 rotations per minute.

Electric high frequency external vibrators are driven by frequency converters providing 42V-200 Hz or 250V-200 Hz.   Our program distinguishes various types of HTR electric external vibrators with feet mounting and HTRS electric external vibrators with rapid coupling connection.  For HTR as well as HTRS, we offer a total package of electronic frequency variators for adjusting the speed somewhere between  0 – 6.000 rotations per minutes. On request we also offer complete switchboxes, with themical overload relais and control lights, for connecting several vibrators.

    • Rotors are produced with low loss lamination core for increasing efficiency and reducing temperatures.
    • Winding insulation is developed according to the ASTM-method with class H polyester resin.
    • Ductil cast iron housing and high resistance aluminium housing for reducing body stress.
    • NiCrMo heat-treated steel shafts.
    • High load capacity bearings, lubricated with special “long-life” grease.
    • Labyrinth type bearing seal with wide restraining chamber.
    • Excentric weights with easy and precise adjustment.
    • Electrostatic powder painting Blue RAL 5010, polymerized in oven.