Wide range of solid and reliable vibrating tables for vibrating and consolidating concrete elements such as blocks, stairs, floors etc.

For small and large concrete elements like blocks, stairs, floors etc., LIEVERS HOLLAND  produces a wide range of vibrating tables.  These vibrating tables, especially for use in concrete industry, can also be used under most severe circumstances.
For the compaction of concrete cubes LIEVERS produced a 40 x 40 cm vibrating table with 230V/1-phase/50 Hz external vibrator. This machine is easy to transport, very handy, simple to use and provides perfect compaction results. All sizes and norms of cube- and cylinder moulds fit the table top which is covered with a rubber mat. 

      • Table tops are available in various sizes.
      • They are available in electric, HF 42V/3-phase/200 Hz, 230V/single phase/50 Hz, 400V/3-phase/50 Hz or with pneumatic external vibrators.
      • All electric models are equipped with an ON/OFF switch and, on request, with an electronic  frequency regulatior.