High quality poker vibrator specially designed for compacting concrete floors, beams, foundations, lintels, elevations etc. Suitable for use on (building) sites without electricity or sites that choose not to use electricity cables.
P14B can be used for compacting almost all kinds of concrete. Thanks to its pendulum system, the poker realises 12.000 vibrations per minute and this together with a high amplitude ensures an excellent compaction of any type of concrete. The drive unit is equipped with a 4-stroke Honda GX-35 petrol engine
and is build into a special back pack frame. The total weight of the drive unit is only 10 kg. The gearbox drives the flexible shaft at a speed of only 4.000 rpm. The minimum hose length is 2 meters due to the carrying position of the drive unit. The hoses and poker heads of P14E and P14B are similar.

    • Real pendulum vibrating system.
    • Low shaftspeed, only 4.000 rpm.
    • Quick-action coupling with quick release for easy hose replacement.
    • Hardened steel pendulum and pokerhead.
    • No lubrication required, so maintenance free.
    • Self adjusting bearing system.
    • Rubber hose with steelbelt and springsteel-spiral, impervious to water, oil and chemicals.
    • Light weight back pack with adjustable straps.
    • Powerful 4-stroke Honda GX-35 engine.
    • The drive unit is designed both for right- and lefthanded users.