For excellent compacting and levelling of large concrete surfaces.

DTA features high quality, hard wearing light alloy sections, with increased lateral stiffness.  A stressing bar in the upper box section of each beam allows the complete beam assembly to be stressed to eliminate sagging and it ensures accurate levelling. Simple adjustment  by screwing in or out two stressing screws located at one end of the beam. The vibrator unit is mounted on a support frame which straddles the beam unit by a clamping arrangement, permitting the complete vibrator to be transferred to beams of varying lengths. The vibrator unit is standard available in 400V/3-phase/50 Hz or with petrol engine (4-stroke Honda). On request available in 42V/3-phase/200 Hz.

For DTA are outtriggers available that can easily be mounted to the beam. The large diameter rubber covered rollers reduce transmission of vibration to the rail systems and ensure a smooth and easy movement of the beam.

    • Several beam lengths available.
    • Stressing bars fitted to adjust level.
    • Up to 200 mm vibration penetration with 3.000 rpm.
    • High quality, hard wearing aluminium beams.
    • Drive units interchangeable with all beam lengths.